Control the Noise.

DAAL - Active Noise Control


Our Story

Founded by Dag A. Aa. Loe and Sigmund Birkeland in 2016, DAAL Noise Control Systems is built on first-hand experience of the motorcycle rider’s need to reduce wind noise while riding without interfering with important traffic sounds.

Uncompromisingly addressing the technical challenges linked to satisfying this need, and applying a high level of expertise in development of ANC (Active Noise Control) technology and products, the DAAL team has brought to life a proprietary and patented technology for Active Noise Control and Communication for complex environments (DAAL ANC).

Our shared passion is to fix problems without creating new ones, and along with always taking responsibility for the end user experience, this is our fundamental product philosophy.

Today the founders and inventors are shareholders, supporting the effort to develop Daal from proven technology to viable business.


Dag A. Aa. Loe

Acoustics Advisor & Co-Founder

Master in Acoustic Engineering and a motorcycle enthusiast with in-depth knowledge of the motorcycle industry. Dag’s master thesis lays the foundation for the core DAAL technology.



Bjørn Tore Johannessen

CEO & Co-owner

Business developer and advisor that works mainly with service industry, logistics and technology. Experienced within new value chains, IoT and business strategy. Restructure if needed, lean, define and implement change. 



Mikolaj Jaworski

Acoustics and Firmware Engineer

Bachelor in Electronics and Computer Engineering, Master in Acoustic Engineering
Passionate motorcycle rider who rides and tests his own development.  Co-owner in Norsk Datateknikk AS



Eyvind Time

Chairman of the Board & Co-owner

Master in Management. Eyvind has a long track record within product management, business development, sales management and as a motorcycle mechanic. Management experience from companies like Kverneland Group, Komatsu KVX and Karabin Consulting

Erik Hole

Board Member

Msc. Electronic Systems and Instrumentation and CEO of Norsk Datateknikk AS. Erik has expertise in electronics and embedded systems and gives extra insight as the CEO of one of Daals main Collaborators.

Gorm Bjørnar Karlsen

Member of the Board & Partner

Bachelor Degree in Electronics and graduated from Royal Norwegian Naval Academy. Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Experience from companies like Simpro, Noca, Lingit and Sønnico. CEO Framti Production and Framti Technology.

Sigmund Birkeland

Member of the Board & Co-Founder

Masters Degree in Physics and active motorcycle rider with expertise within aerodynamics. Sigmund has key insight in the DAAL technology and motorcycle industry.

Main Collaborators