DXL-5 is Active Noise Control and intercom for your X-Lite X-1005 helmet. Built on the N-Com B 902 X with all its functionality and compatibility.

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Helmet is not included

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Key Features

About the system

For many motorcycle riders, wind noise is a major spoiler of an otherwise enjoyable ride.

At the same time, as a rider you want to hear what is going on around you, and plugging your ears is not your favorite activity.

DAAL’s proprietary technology DAAL ANC reduces wind noise in the motorcycle helmet without creating the sense of isolation that both ear plugs and many other noise cancelling products aims at.

DXL-5 is our first commercially available product, and combines DAAL ANC with N-Com B902X intercom in one electronics package, for end-user integration into X-lite X-1005.

Specifications DAAL DXL-5

Communication System (B902 X)

The carbon fibres used to make the X-lite helmets interfere with the transmission of the Bluetooth radio system. Therefore, the quantity and/or position of the carbon in the helmet caused a reduction in the communication distance that varies depending on the helmet model being used. The reduced distance concerns all the intercom systems available on the market, built-in or not built-in.

For more information about the communication system, please see: https://www.n-com.it/en/n-com-b902-x


Operating the system

Operating time