What our customers have to say

Pål Anders Ullevålseter

«DAAL ANC reduces wind noise in the helmet, and the sound is experienced as much more comfortable when driving with the system. The ride is better with DAAL ANC.»

Endoro Legend & Motorcycle Rally World Champion

Morten Skårstad

«The system’s performance is very impressive. The attenuation is very good up to 100 KPH and I can ride without ear plugs.»


Ronnie Olsen

«I just did a 4-day ride covering 1550 km here in Norway in all kinds of conditions. I used the DAAL ANC for the whole trip - and was very happy to be able to ride without ear plugs.»


Erling Elsebutangen

«On a road trip to Trondheim I visited the DAAL headquarters and tested their ANC system. It was a fantastic experience and I recommend DAAL ANC to everyone who wants to ride without the wind noise.»

Test Rider